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Il Litorale is an initiative of USI that heeds to its third mission, after education and research, that is "contributing to the development of the region by enabling the sharing of knowledge and innovation and by taking part in the cultural and scientific debate in its areas of competence". Il Litorale offers:

  • The opportunity to be part of a community of practice, where startups, academia and and civil society are brought together through open dialogue and discussion, where you can meet people with all kinds of knowledge and skills, and were you can work together and find mutual support;
  • The possibility to rent friendly and inclusive coworking spaces in the centre of Lugano, where you can work, plan activities and organize events in an open and transparent environment. Affordable rates and flexibility in choosing how long you want stay, from half a day to a full year - find out more about our spaces;
  • The opportunity to take part in a series of activities and events dedicated to the discussion on issues related to innovation, entrepreneurship and regional economic and social growth.


An opportunity for 'territorial contamination'

Il Litorale is a community-driven initiative centered around shared spaces, events and activities enabling a so-called "territorial contamination". Il Litorale represents:

  • for students and graduates - the opportunity to find a potential springboard to entrepreneurship and the world of work in general;
  • for entrepreneurs - the opportunity to have privileged access to leading skills and knowledge, essential for innovation;
  • for faculty and researchers - the opportunity to contribute to the community of practice with their skills and also to discover new ideas for research.



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If you want to know more, just drop an e-mail to: [email protected]


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