Smart tourism for the destination Ticino


Il Litorale

23 July 2021

The core objective of the Digital Destination Evolution System (DESy) project is to increase the tourist attractiveness of the Canton Ticino and the whole Regio Insubrica by encouraging its digital transformation. The project is part of the Interreg program of cross-border cooperation Italy-Switzerland, which funds programs to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The project leader for the Swiss part is the Ticino Tourism (ATT), which collaborates with the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication (ITDxC)
at USI and SUPSI; for the Italian part, the project partners are the Distretto Turistico dei Laghi, the Agenzia di accoglienza e promozione turistica locale of the Province of Novara, and the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

To discuss and illustrate the project, including context, challenges and future prospects, a panel discussion was held at Il Litorale USI, featuring Lorenzo Cantoni (Professor of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and Director of ITDxC) and Elide Garbani-Nerini (researcher-doctoral candidate) for USI; and Luca Preto (Head of Digital) and Puya Jazayeri (Project manager). 

Here below the video of the discussion, opened by a video-message delivered by USI Rector Boas Erez, on the subject of the "third mission" of USI,  education and research: the service to the community.

Destination Ticino: smart tourism (in Italian)