Business networking is 'young' at Il Litorale USI


Il Litorale

16 October 2020

"Fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the academic world, the business world and society in general". This is one of the main objectives of Il Litorale, the initiative of Università della Svizzera italiana, which is attained also by organising events open to the public. After the long period of inactivity imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Il Litorale is now ready to embark on a series of public events, starting with the new project called "Afterbusiness Hour & Young", a discussion platform dedicated to young people under 30 years of age devised by the renowned business networking association in Ticino, in partnership with Il Litorale USI.  

"We found that in our region there was a lack of a genuine opportunities for unpretentious and informal networking, especially among young people under 30, whether students and/or graduates and/or start-up owners. We decided therefore to launch a new initiative to complement our usual monthly meetings between professionals", explain the founders of Afterbusiness Hour Maura Lanfranconi and Thomas Amiconi. "At Il Litorale USI we have found the ideal partner for this kind of interaction, so that young people can discover and learn - in an informal enviroment - about the many business realities that operate in our region".

The new "young" chapter of the renowned networking platform (ABH was established in 2004) will debut in early 2021, with subject-based meetings organised on a regular basis and coordinated by initiative of a group of USI students. "We are already active as members of the ABH association, because we know how important it is to expand our contact base in the region", explains Giacomo Bozzola, a Bachelor in economics student at USI and coordinator of the initiative. "With the creation of a 'Young' chapter of ABH, we will discuss current topics of interest through debates, round tables, or even presentations that will provide us with the opportunity not only to discover, but also to interact with the world of work. The idea of organising these events at Il Litorale USI stems from the alignment of this initiative with the goals set by USI for its showcase venue at the Quartiere Maghetti".

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