Healthy foods for healthy lives, thanks (also) to artificial intelligence


Il Litorale

10 September 2019

It is well known that a good diet helps to stay healthy and to prevent chronic diseases - even cancer. According to a recent study published in Nature Scientific Reports, 30 to 40 percent of cancers can be prevented even with a healthy diet and lifestyle. But what diet? What foods should we eat? Can new digital technologies help us in any way? To answer these questions, Michael Bronstein and Kirill Veselkov will speak at the fifth TEDx Lugano, on September 28 at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, presenting the innovative approach they have developed.

Prof. Bronstein (Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter, professor of Computer Science at USI and Imperial College London) and Dr. Veselkov (lecturer and researcher in computational medicine at Imperial College London) are among the authors of the study entitled "HyperFoods: Machine intelligent mapping of cancer-beating molecules in foods". They are an excellent example of how new technologies and new computational approaches can be combined with the most advanced medical skills (in this case, oncology) to address health issues. The two researchers, in particular, used artificial intelligence to analyse an important amount of data and to research in the so-called hyper-foods the cancer-beating molecules (CBM) that were the most represented, with the ultimate goal of using them as low-cost weapons in the prevention of chronic diseases.

Bronstein and Veselkov's speech well reflects the theme of TEDx Lugano, where we will talk about how the tailor-made approach to life has become a basic building block of modern reality due to new emerging technologies and the desire for a better life experience. From technology, entertainment and design to science, business and global issues, the universality and breadth of the theme allows for a reflection of multiple sides, including the ethical aspects and the implications of mass personalization on the individual and on society.

TEDx Lugano is offering special discounted tickets at CHF 30 (instead of 60) to the first 10 students enrolled at USI who will purchase through the online platform: