"Litorale" (littoral) is a term that suggests the joining of land and sea, expressing therefore permeability, but also the landing place - for the navigator seeking firm ground - and the starting point - for the pioneer seeking to explore new horizons.

Il Litorale is an initiative of Università della Svizzera italiana, which responds to its third mission: "contributing to the development of the region by enabling the sharing of knowledge and innovation and by taking part in the cultural and scientific debate in its areas of competence". The implementation of this mission takes place outside the Lugano campus, in the city centre at the renovated Quartiere Maghetti, thus enabling and encouraging the exchange and discussion between students, researchers, and faculty and the business world and civil society in general.


What goes on at the Litorale

The Litorale is the place where the community of practice is created, but also around which a wider and varied community develops, in an informal environment enabling a so-called "territorial contamination" (or cross fertilisation) between the academic world, young entrepreneurs/students and civil society in general.

This 'ecosystem' is characterized by the convergence of knowledge, practice and competences and is expressed in two ways:

  • Events (meetings, presentations, panel discussions, debates, training courses, etc.)
  • Day-by-day (the daily life of the coworking 'tenants' of the Litorale - startuppers, young professionals and entrepreneurs, academic researchers, etc.)

Il Litorale offers regular activities and events, in an informal environment enabling cross fertilisation between the academic world, young entrepreneurs/students and civil society. Through the community of practice that develops at the Litorale, value is created and economic development is provided, offering students and graduates the essential stepping stone to entrepreneurship and the world of work in general, but also offering the business world privileged access to leading skills and knowledge, essential for innovation.


What you can do at the Litorale

At the Litorale you can rent shared workspaces (coworking), use the makerspace, book the meeting room or the lounge area, or simply participate in events.


Where to find it

Click here for a map of Lugano and relevant indications.

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